Dev Blog - How to build a holodeck, week six

This week, I’ve been taking a well earned rest and spending time with the wife and kids. I’ve made good progress with the atlasing, but the on-device performance of textured capture is pretty slow with my current process, so some work needs to be done to split work units over frames, that sort of thing.

The camera intrinsics I get back from the Tango device don’t quite match what I’m expecting from the camera image after I project it, so I need to spend a little time looking at why the projection is distorted.

Here’s a from-device realtime capture. Holes are due to how I’m freezing the mesh cubes, and should be resolved early next week.

Latest mesh

Next week …

Next week I’ll be back on this full time, and my goal is to finish up with capturing the environment and move on to portals and avatars. As soon as I can get a virtual copy of three rooms of my house, we’re good to go!

Written on April 3, 2016