Evryway Scanner Privacy Policy

Evryway Scanner uses the cameras on the device to capture 3D meshes and textures. Any models that you share with the wider world will contain portions of those textures, so please be aware of what you’re scanning and then sharing.

This app, in general use mode, does not send any information externally unless you are explicitly prompted before hand (for example, third party authorisation and upload to third party model repositories).

This app is also capable of being used in debug mode. You will need to manually enable debug mode, at which point the app will capture and send a variety of diagnostic and performance data to Evryway.

Any information recieved from this app by Evryway may be stored in a persistent fashion. This information will be used only to improve the product, and can be deleted on request.

No information related to this app will be given to third parties, unless I’m legally obligated to do so. I’ll not be selling any of it, or using it for fame, power or glory.

If you have any questions about this policy, or would like to request that any stored information is deleted, please contact me.