How to build a holodeck, week 25

Another week spent enjoying the summer holiday with my family. It’s been awesome.

I’m not expecting to get back to dev work full time until the end of the summer holiday, but I’m beginning to feel guilty for not making any progress - I’ve been asked multiple times this last few weeks, “How’s it going?” and “same as last month” is starting to wear a bit thin.

I’ll be spending a bit of prep time today updating all the things - getting back to a nice clean dev environment, updating all the various SDKs that have bumped during the last month, that sort of thing. It’s donkey work, but it needs to be done and it’s a lot more important than another game of Paragon.

I’ve been gaming a LOT the last few weeks - playing lego games with Gabe, CSR2, PS4 Paragon. I’m sorely tempted to get No Man’s Sky, but I have enough distractions already. Much as I’d love to fritter away hours playing video games, it’s not particularly productive! I need to be BUILDING.

Written on August 14, 2016