Instructions - How To Visualise

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How to visualise

Visualiser will begin playing a demo song. Use the Tracks menu to play your preferred music.

Using your Touch Controllers

Press the MENU button on the left controller to bring up the menu at any point.

use the LEFT STICK to skip the current track forwards and backwards.

use the RIGHT STICK to skip to previous and next track.

use the RIGHT GRIP to recentre your view.

Using your hands (hand tracking)

Give a thumbs-up gesture with your left hand (and hold it for a second) to bring up the menu at any point.

Give a thumbs-up with your right hand to recentre your view.

Track skip and select coming soon!

Using the MENU

from the MENU,

Select TRACKS for a list of music tracks.

  • Browse sources by highlighting them with the pointer and clicking with the trigger.
  • You can use the joystick to scroll (just point away from the menu).

Select SETTINGS for application settings.

Select INFO to find out additional details about the app.

If you keep your hands still for a while, they’ll fade away. Move them to bring them back.

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