Instructions - Playing Music

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How to play a music track

Once a track is on your Quest, you can select it from the Tracks menu.

If you’re using controllers, Press the Menu button, and click on Tracks using the trigger. If you’re using hand tracking, make a thumbs-up with your left hand, wait for the menu, then then click on Tracks using a pinch.

If you have MP3s on your Quest, you’ll find them under Sources, Oculus Quest.

then browse to /sdcard, and down to the correct location. browseto_quest_playing browseto_quest_sdcard browseto_quest_music

Then, select the track (point and click)


Now, Your track should start playing!


DLNA Servers

If you have a DLNA server, it should show up under Sources - select it, and browse to the right track.


If you don’t see your DLNA server listed, or your music won’t play, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to make it work for you!

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