Visualiser is alive!

Quest is missing a music visualiser - so I made one.

I’ve been loving my beat saber machine, but sometimes I just want to chill and listen to some tunes. One thing that’s lacking from the Quest store (and Sidequest, as far as I can see) is a half-decent music visualiser - think Milkdrop but in VR.

So I made one.

Evryway Visualiser

This is a super-early alpha “it’s broken, whatchagonnado” build.

I have no idea whether I want to make it free, or charge for it - so currently there’s a price on the Itch page (mostly to discourage lots of people just downloading it and moaning at me about how broken it is). If you want to give it a try, email / tweet me and I’ll pop you a download key.

Alpha build 01

If anyone shows interest, I’ll be putting in a lot more effects, and possibly some APIs for streaming music services like Spotify (if I can figure out how to do it!)

Written on October 30, 2019