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Mobile VR is coming of age (and not a moment too soon)

Good lord, it’s October. When did that happen? I’ve been doing some contract work since April, and that’s now finished. I’d love to talk about it, and I might do that in the near future - bits of the experience were great, but the ending wasn’t quite what I expected. As with the best stories in life, when doors shut, other doors open - it’s going to be an interesting few months. While I’ve been cranking away on other people’s stuff, many cool things have been happening. For example, Oculus just made a lot of noise about their new product, the Oculus Go which is basically an all-in-one Gear VR/Daydream type of thing.

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Multiple Unity Cache Servers

I’ve been promising an article that’s actually useful for a while, and something that’s been really useful for me over the last few years is the Unity Cache Server. I’ve recently set it up to work with multiple versions of Unity, so that I have different caches for each version of Unity. Care about why and how? then read on!

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